I took a break from our Instagram and the blog because who knew this process would be so overwhelming. We are now settled and living in our Tiny House in a LEGAL spot. There were many obstacles to this build but we are so incredibly grateful that the house is finished and (almost) exactly what we wanted.

Our house use arrived on August 25th, 2018. This was after a week of stressing that we might not get our house at all due to some issues with the titling and registration. Fortunately, our banker worked out the loopholes and made it all possible.

We moved to a private property about 15 minutes out of town where we had a plenty of lawn and was surrounded by cows, chickens, a beautiful pond, and another Tiny House Neighbor. It seemed perfect even though the house wasn’t quite finished. We still needed to get our countertops, couch, sinks/plumbing, and wifi.

Exactly 7 days later, September 1st, the landowners received a notice stating that they were in violation of county code and that we had to leave. We suspect that a neighbor from the surrounding area called it in because after speaking with the county weeks before, we were told that is the ONLY way they will enforce any code violations. Our hearts sank, but we immediately started looking for other options. Our landowners called the county in response to the letter and were told that there is no deadline to leave as long as they know we are making progress to move. With that being said, we knew that leaving before snowfall would be important because we still needed to winterize our house.

We looked at other private properties, but ultimately found an RV park in town that was really nice. Of course, there was a waitlist. We put our names down and continued searching for a long-term spot. 3 weeks later, we were off the list and told that we could pick between two of the spots we had originally wanted. This was great news. We found a mover and on October 2nd, we moved in.

This has been a stressful process but I can finally say that a  huge weight has been lifted knowing that we are parked somewhere long-term and legal. Our space came with a little storage shed, better wifi than where we were (which is important for Kade’s job) and a nice sized lawn for Kevin. We have spent the last week getting settled and enjoying our new home. All of our neighbors have been so kind and even though we were looking for something more private, there is something comforting about having a sense of community around us. One of our neighbors is moving their Tiny House in within a matter of weeks. 

I am looking forward to posting more about our experiences living in the Tiny House.

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