What’s the Hold Up?

Our tiny House was supposed to be done a few months ago and waiting has been extremely frustrating. Especially because our lease ended and we had to decide if we wanted to renew for a month-to-month for an additional $250 or move in with one of our friends. Fortunately, we have an amazing friend in Bend and that is what we decided to do.

There have been a few things that have held back our timeline:

  • Our builder had to let some employees go about 2 months ago due to insurance purposes and has been short-staffed since.
  • Extreme temperature. This winter was extremely cold in Northern Idaho and the last few weeks have been extremely hot. Putting up our metal siding is taking a little longer than usual because of the extreme heat.
  • Shipping. Because we chose to custom order so many things it has taken longer for our builder to get going and install them. 
  • And the final holdup…. Our countertops. Precision countertops will be installing our counters and though our house is practically ready, it will take the 3-5 weeks to even get out there to install them. We talked this over with our builder and discussed how if we are going to be waiting that 3-5 weeks why can’t we just live in the house without countertops and get them installed in Bend. He help us arrange this and that’s the plan!

This weekend we were able to do our FINAL walk through. Everything is completed except the coutertops. 

It was good to do this (sort of) final walk through. We were able to discuss the bill and final expenses with our builder and go over any concerns.

It is very frustrating that it has taken this long. Having the house be delivered before the counter tops go in means that we will be without a kitchen or bathroom sink for 3-4 weeks and our only water access will be via bathtub.

Our delivery date is Friday, AUGUST 17th, 2018. We are so excited.


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