Why Tiny?

Our most common questions regarding our Tiny House is “Why are you doing this?” or “What made you decide to do this?”

Well, there are a few reasons behind our decision to go Tiny.


Kade and I moved to Bend, almost a year ago and even though we both have stable, reasonably paying jobs, it is an expensive place to live. We both have student loan debt that we would love to pay off. A lot of people don’t understand why we would spend $ on a house right now and well we are hoping it is a way we can invest in ourselves. We have to spend some money upfront but in the long run, that money will be going towards something we OWN and will eventually save us money. I HATE paying rent. Every month it feels like my money is just vanishing knowing that it isn’t going towards anything that is MINE.

If I continue to pay what I am paying on rent in Bend towards our Tiny House, I will have my portion paid off in a little less than 3 years.

The Environment.

I was going to write out a big ol’ thing about why I believe a Tiny House is more efficient and sustainable but this infographic pretty much sums it up!

Note: this infographic is for a 186 SF Tiny House and ours is going to be larger than that but still significantly smaller than the average house size.

Why tiny houses can save the earth


One thing I’ve really begun to recognize is how valuable my time is. A tiny house means less time inside and more time doing things that we love. It will be easier and quicker to clean and encourage us to travel and adventure more.

Less is More 

The more and more Kade and I have decluttered, the happier I have been. Since starting this minimalist journey we have gotten rid of so many things and experienced so much in return. We’ve opened more time for biking, rock-climbing, camping, and each other! We were able to go to Vietnam because of our efforts and moving into a Tiny House will open up even more opportunities for us.


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