Tiny House of 4.

Well, of course, there’s Heather and Kade.

But let’s talk about the 4 legged little ones that will be moving in too!

Kevin & Misha

Kevin is the sweetest 8-year old dog. I have had her since I was 15. When I went to college my dad agreed to watch her. I tried my hardest to get a dog-friendly apartment but that didn’t happen until we moved to Billings. I was really scared Kade wouldn’t love having her around since we hadn’t lived together that long but I was definitely wrong about that. Kevin loves pets and snuggles but her favorite thing to do is play fetch with a green tennis ball. Don’t say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks because when Kevin joined our little family she was 6 years old and Kade taught her how to shake, lay down, roll over, and sit pretty.



Mishka is pretty new to our family. I have wanted a cat for a long time but Kade has some allergies so we really wanted to wait and make sure it would be a good fit. We adopted her when she was 7-8 months old in November 2017.

This is the day we brought her home:


She was pretty hesitant. We introduced her to Kevin immediately despite internet recommendations because it was kind of hard to separate them in a studio apartment. They would have these super intense stair downs for the first week or so and after a while, they started to finally relax around one another. Kevin, of course, is so sweet, just wanted to be friends right away. Mishka was the hesitant one. She is now fully comfortable in our home but still behaves like a teenage kitten. She gets the zoomies a lot, will randomly hunt Kade and I’s feet and loves to pester Kevin and play with her tail. I have only caught them cuddling each other ONCE.

We are really excited to be moving all four of us into a Tiny House. We are, however, a little worried about their adjustment. Overall I think it will actually be better for both of them because there will be easier access to the outside. Kevin will have a yard to play in, poop in and nap in whenever she wants. Mishka has only been an indoor cat but we would love to slowly let her adventure outdoors. The location of our tiny house will allow us to do that. Another concern is where we are going to put Mishka’s litter box and their giant bags of food. I am sure this is something we can figure out but it’s still stressing me out a little. I can’t wait till we move in and I can share their adjustments with you.


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