When we were living in Billings we KNEW we needed a change… and quickly. We liked our apartment at the time but we started the conversation about what we will want if/and when we move. Kade works from home so at first, I had always said: “We need a two bedroom so you can have an office”. Pretty normal thought, right?  We were already in a 782 Sq/Ft apartment. It was one bedroom and in this apartment unit, it was considered the largest one bedroom. The master bedroom was extended and very spacious. We just split that room into a bedroom (at first) and office space and it later became the living room/office space. I remember when we first looked at that apartment thinking out loud to Kade “I don’t know, it seems kind of small” (Oh how things have changed). 

Well sometime between discovering minimalism and actually moving, Kade introduced me to the idea of a Tiny House. What’s a Tiny House? Well, just what it sounds like. It is a very small house. My first reaction to tiny houses was intrigued but not interested in it for myself. They seem cute, fun, and trendy. Kade initially was very interested. He kept talking about them, showing me pictures, watching tiny house movement documentaries and walkthroughs. After doing a little more research, on top of my new minimalistic mindset, and Kade’s continuous talk of tiny houses,  I thought… why WOULDN’T I want a tiny house? Who needs all the space in their 2-3-4 bedroom houses? I was already getting rid of tons of stuff and in doing that we both realized that our what once seemed like a “small” apartment has TONS of wasted space. Space we were paying to heat and taking time to clean. So that’s when the Tiny House dream of ours began. I guess you could say Kades started before mine, but if this was something that was going to happen it would have to happen together, and that’s when OUR dream of owning a Tiny House began (Fall of 2016–ish). I plan on writing a lot more about our progress with getting a Tiny House and the process as well. But until then, I’ll finish up about moving.

I started applying for jobs in February (pending graduation in May). This seemed pretty early but we were SO EAGER to leave Billings. We picked a few cities that seemed suitable for us, and I started to apply.


Our criteria:

  • Somewhere we have reliable income
  • Somewhere we can have all four seasons
  • Somewhere we have access to outdoor activities
  • Somewhere with an indoor climbing gym
  • Somewhere not TOO Far from my family… OR an airport that we can access both our families from

I ended up getting asked to come in for an interview in Prineville, OR (about 35 minutes outside of Bend, OR) Friday, April 28th. I was offered the job on the spot and negotiated to start after I graduated. I graduated May 6th, moved out to Central Oregon (Bend) May 18th, and Kade and Kevin followed on June 3rd.

With the intention of eventually owning a Tiny House, we decided to downsize. We went from a 782 sq/ft apartment to a 580 sq/ft apartment. This seemed, again, small to us but now that we are all moved in was am certain we could downsize even more.

We were very intentional about our belongings. It actually helped to have to box things up and then unpack them because we could ask ourselves “Do this serve a purpose?” or “Does this bring me happiness?” If the answer was no, why would we move it in the first place, if it made it past us then, we would re-evaluate everything while unpacking as well.



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