Our first time seeing our Tiny House!

Kade and I were able to visit our Tiny House. Right now it is being built in Spirit Lake, Idaho with Tiny Portable Cedar Cabins. I will post later about how we picked which builder to go with. We signed our contract in January and Mid February is when we visited.  Our tiny house is 10×34 which is much larger than the average Tiny House. We originally wanted much smaller but our builder called us up one day after signing our contract and said that someone in the queue in front of us backed out with a 10×34 trailer. He said it was ours if we wanted it for no additional cost. This decision would give us a bigger home with more materials, better resale value, and a Tiny House even sooner than we anticipated. So after much contemplation, we decided we would go larger.

For our Tiny House, we really wanted a modern look. The roof is slanted double dormers, with a gable center, 5-foot french doors, a storage loft & a sleeping loft. The outside will be dark grey metal siding and wood.


(Note that all the windows are not cut out yet)


Bathroom Window
Storage Loft
Sleeping Loft

Our builder anticipates our finish date to be sometime end of April or Early May. We couldn’t be more excited to move into our Tiny. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask!


Thanks for reading!

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