About Us

We are just two twenty-something year-olds getting ready to move into our Tiny House. Getting to this point has been stressful, exciting, overwhelming & amazing. We have learned SO much valuable information and we obviously think the Tiny House Movement is a great idea so we thought we would share our experience with you.

First, a little bit about us. We moved to Bend, OR in June of 2017. We enjoy camping, hiking, skiing, road tripping, music, traveling, rock climbing and most importantly hanging out with our two fur-babies, Kevin and Mishka. We met at the end of our college experience in SLC, UT at Westminster College.

I studied Public Health and then went to Grad school to get my Masters in Healthcare Administration. I currently work in Central Oregon as a Prevention Coordinator at a local health department. I am passionate about health & nutrition, along with traveling.

Kade studied Marketing and currently works remotely for a marketing research firm. He is passionate about rock climbing, skiing & technology.


From what we understand, people are genuinely interested and curious about Tiny Houses & minimal lifestyles. We want to share with you why we started living minimally, how we decided to build a Tiny House and all the details that went into building one.
Our next post will be all about seeing our Tiny House for the first time.